The Art of Making the Best of it

4 AM Revelations: it’s never too late to start, as long as you’re still breathing. I woke up suddenly this morning – first because my room was overheated and I was rather thirsty, and then because a sudden influx of anxiety attacked me. Did I respond to all of the emails I needed to for … Continue reading

Cheers to 2014… and trying harder!

I spent the last day of 2013 cruising through Los Angeles on my first ever visit there with a dear friend, and the first day of 2014 surrounded by his lovely family on a gorgeous day. It made me realize that I’m truly lucky to have been so many places, seen so many things, and … Continue reading

Far Eastern Escape

It all depends on where you center yourself on the map. Technically, the farthest east I’ve been is Israel, and I suppose that’s been twice. The Dead Sea, if I had the strength to swim across it, could have taken me to Jordan. And strength wouldn’t have necessarily been required – floating doesn’t take much … Continue reading