day 1 in paris

So I spent yesterday walking around Paris by myself (hopefully my little D will be able to come tomorrow! Friggin train strike) And this is what I’ve learned:

1) I have NO sense of direction. None. I’m like a rat in a cage (despiiiite all my raaaage)

2) The Eiffel Tower looks like a giant glittery diva from the 70’s at night

3) France loves sushi and asian food way more than spain does, and for that, I know what I’m eating for lunch today!! YAY!

4) Train strikes SUCK

5) People like to steal your delicious cheese from hostel refridgerators

6) France is cold…. really, really, really cold

7) I still have no sense of direction

8) The Notre Dame Cathedral is very, very large

9) I love Paris… no, really

10) I still can’t speak French… but I think I’ll try to learn next

Anyway… more reflections later. Overall it’s been a great experience… think I’ll take a walking tour today, and then go to Montmarte…. thanks for the recommendations Rossy poo 🙂

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