Esperando el regreso….

Grad school in Spain, here I come.


This time it´s for 9 months. I fell in love with Spain in Fall 2007, and can’t believe that in just three short weeks, I’m packing up my life and moving to Spain, with a one-way ticket and no plans to come back until at least July 1, 2009.


Honestly kind of freaking out right now, but I’ll tell you the deal.


I will be studying at the University of Alcalá de Henares (same university I was at last Fall), but this time, studying for a Master’s in Lengua, Literatura y Cultura del Mundo Hispanico (Language, Literature and Culture in the Hispanic World). I received a scholarship for the program that includes a stipend for being an English teacher in an elementary school in Madrid.


So, I’m currently <strike>searching for housing in Madrid</strike> EXCITED that I have housing in Alcala until I find a place, thanks to Mr. Pedro….. I have a number of friends from Fall 2007 that will be going or are already there, as well as some UCF friends (Ms. Laura Bacci!) who plan to head over too. I’m waiting to get documents translated, certifications given… but as a whole I’m technically ready to leave. I have my visa, my flight leaves Sept 2 (Orlando –> Philadelphia –> Dublin for 8 hours –> MADRID!! at 5:05 PM.


But it is weird to be leaving… I’ve had one of the best summers ever. From college graduation, to the West Coast trip in May, to NYC for the fourth, mini-vacay in Miami for the visa, my birthday, and Columbus for Joy & David’s wedding (where I just got back from and it ROCKED!!)…. mini-trips to the Red Bull Flugtag, Miami for delicious Cuban food, adventures and a visa… my graduation… too many $1 margarita nights at amigos to remember…. the rodeo, the Sea World for my BIRTHDAY… the sunday fundays, limited beach days, nights of dancing downtown, and happy hours…. not to mention all the amazing fun I’ve had with my roommates and other friends, and the fun people I keep meeting all over Orlando and beyond…. it’s a very bittersweet feeling to be leaving.


Now all that’s left is packing my life up, fixing my car insurance, figuring out my cell phone plan, making sure I have enough money for my life, finishing up at my 2 internships, seeing all of my wonderful friends and family before I can’t see them for another 9 months, and tying up any and all ridiculous loose ends by Sept 2. I’m stressed.


Will keep updating as the date nears…. but no worries, I will faithfully keep up this fascinating blog so as to keep you all informed of the happenings.

Hope to see you if possible before I leave Orlando!!!!! Drop me a line 🙂

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