livin la vida chorizo

Glorious glorious sausage

Glorious glorious sausage

So I have decided that my favorite Spanish food ever in the world is chorizo. Not the mexican style crumbly chorizo that appears everywhere in the US. No, this chorizo is the Spanish kind, bright red, with this distinctive spicy flavor and is absolutely delicious. And DEFINITELY not kosher. You can put it on a sandwich, slice it up and just eat it, or cook it into dishes, including one of my favorites, macaroni (ziti) with ground beef and chorizo in the tomato sauce. DEEEYAAAAMN. I searched high and low for this in the States, oh how I hungered…. but the only place I found the proper Spanish chorizo was at the Columbia restaurant in Ybor City, Florida, cooked into a dish called Salteado… and casually searching the glorious internets, I just found the recipe for it!! So if you can find legit chorizo in the US, I recommend you make this recipe…. you know what, i´ll just copy and paste the whole thing on the blog so you can all enjoy.

Filet Salteado

Ingredients1 lb. tenderloin filet, cut in 1-inch cubes
1 Spanish onion, chopped
2 garlic cloves, chopped
¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil
1 chorizo (Spanish sausage), sliced
½ cup sliced mushrooms
Salt and pepper to taste
2 potatoes, peeled and diced
Vegetable or peanut oil for frying
1/3 cup red wine
1 green pepper, chopped


Sauté diced tenderloin in hot olive oil. When meat is brown, add chopped garlic, onion, and green pepper. Set aside. Deep-fry diced potatoes in vegetable oil for 10 minutes or until brown; drain on paper towels. Add chorizo, mushrooms, salt, pepper and potatoes to the meat. Add wine and bring to a boil. Serves 2.

The only problem I´m going to have with this is that the only measurements here are in liters and milliliters. Apparently the Spanish think that they need to align with the rest of the world and use their measurements, instead of conforming to the bizarre American system that no one else understands. So I´ll either have to guesstimate or beg someone in the states to send me measuring cups and spoons. Either way, I have to stop typing for a minute because I am drooling.

Okay. I´m back. Speaking of food, other things in Spain that are amazing… the bread… the orange fanta (it´s different, i swear)… anything that comes from any of the pastry shops that i have to avoid like the devil…. the fruit (apples and oranges, omg)… red wine in a box that costs 50 cents… the drowning of any food in olive oil (shocking, i know)… KEBAPS (think the best drunk food this side of taco bell… involving a giant slab of meat that is continually turning, either of beef? or chicken, that is shaved off and put in bread or pita like thing with delicious white and red sauce, tomato, and perhaps some cheese… wow)… and so many more things. But don´t get me wrong. I miss the crap out of the prevalence of peanut butter, the ease of knowing what everything is in the grocery store, and the absence of tuna in my salads (every day at lunch the salad has tuna in it. I like it, its just bizarre). Also speaking of food, I´d like to share with you all that I just did some cooking and it turned out delicious looking. It involved white fish (merluza?) on top of onions, green peppers, lemon, garlic and potatoes… i think its gonna be good.

SO enough of my food diatribe. I will continue being in love with everything I put in my mouth here, but surprisingly I´m not ballooning into a giant… yet. I think because I´ve been walking around so much, everywhere, I´ve been able to not gain 20 lbs and perhaps even lose a little bit (pants a little looser? not bad!). Also, I´ve been trying to go running frequently with my friendly running buddies Laura and Amy. It´s quite fun. When I actually move to madrid I´ll be by the big park, so that should be fun.

What else is new? Nothing irrationally exciting. Countdown to the move in to my piso is 3 days… Wednesday is so close! I´ve been spending time hanging out with my friends from the program, mostly my lady friends Amy and Jess from the University of Arizona who are so rad, and their spanish friends who they met while they both studied here… I´ve gotten to see Laura, and also hung out oodles with Beth, who knows the entire city of alcalá but i´m not quite sure how. Either way, they are all very very fun… we´ve been botelloning and going out to see the different bars in alcala and such. Also, the other kids in my program are so sweet. I almost dont see them enough, since we´re only all together for 4 hrs on wed and friday. When I´m in Madrid, though, I´ll hopefully see more of them, since now my lazy ass doesnt like leaving Alcalá unless its absolutely necessary. Speaking of my friends from school… it reminds me of something we did last Wednesday night….

Pronounced EEE-KAY-AH... Spanish you see.

Pronounced "EEE-KAY-AH"... Spanish you see.

It turns out that there is an Ikea 10 minutes walking distance from where my master’s classes are held…. and you bet your ass all I could think about for the past two weeks, other than my classes and being in Spain, was going there. Other than the overabundance of textiles and furniture and other random crap for the house, I love their swedish meatballs (WHY AM I TALKING ABOUT FOOD AGAIN!!?!) So we all went, and though the meatballs were not as good as in the US, the rest of it was so good…. I’m going to go back on Wednesday night to get myself some sheets. Unfortunately, I saw the comforter in the store that I used to have on my bed… you know, the obnoxious pink one… and I almost cried because I just watned to cuddle in my queen sized bed. But i know drew is taking really good care of it, so I’m not so sad. Anyway, Ikea was a blast and I’m so looking forward to buying sheets. Jes understands. I’m a freak.
Nothing too exciting from Profe-land this week…. Oh! I get to switch to 25 hours instead of 17, so though I will be a bit more stressed out, Im gonna make more MONEY!!! YAAAY!!! we’ll see how it goes, if I start getting nutty from the work I’ll switch back to 17 but for now I think its going to be good. I’ll have about an extra 230€ every month, which allows me to breathe easier and also maybe, MAYBE, even save a little bit to do some traveling.
And finally, speaking of traveling, it turns out I might get to meet up with my friends of the beautiful Blanchet clan for Daniela´s birthday in BRUGGES, Belgium! Daniela and her bro, Gaston, are studying in Nancy, France… Oldest sibling Jordi is in Lyon, France and Noel is in Germany… so it will be a big meeting of everyone and it will be awesome!! Still waiting for the final verdict, but the first full weekend in November might bring me there… also I´d get to see my sweet Belgian friend Bert Van Bergen, who i met in spain last year and is such a sweet heart, and conveniently also lives right in Brugges.

Speaking of traveling again, well… I haven´t thought about it much since I´m trying to keep my feet planted and focused on what I´m doing here in Spain. But if or when the opportunity arises… I´d like to get to eastern europe (Prague I´d love to go to and maybe Turkey though I would need to examine the situation) or Greece (bc theyd be about as expensive) and then Germany to visit Noel… also if I could get to Morocco, I would be very happy about that too.

Alright, I need to get off the computer, eat some lunch, go running and hang up my laundry. Oh. Final note. Dryers are VERY rare here. So because of that, I have to hang up EVERYTHING. Which is really irritating, for example, for those pants that you´d like to be a little tighter that first time you wear them, or for socks. oyyyy….. anyway, when I get my address I´m going to post it so I can get gifts from everyone. Miss you guys.

IN CLOSING, I have posted the photos from the wedding! You can see them here.

The happy couple!

The happy couple!

That is all for now! 🙂

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