official induction into the world of primary education….

I experienced my first child throwing up today.

It was before lunch, on a temperate fall day in October (well, the 13th, a Tuesday). In the second grade class, I was helping the children with an exceedingly difficult worksheet for their science course, involving a word search without a word bank and then the task of filling in said mysterious words into 9 slots to describe mammals, birds or fish. According to some, fish not only have feathers but gills, and birds are both viviparous and oviparous at the same time. Strange. Well, be that as it may, I suddenly heard what sounded like someone spilling a bottle of water on the floor and my first thought was to turn around and save the poor bottle of water. To my surprise, I turned around and found a child spewing all over the floor. It was unpleasant to say the least. Blecchhh.

A list of things happening…..

– Still displeased with the piso, even more so now that I have noticed that my roommates have been eating my food. I came home after being in Alcalá Saturday and Sunday, and found that they had not only devoured half of my tortilla española, but half a carton of milk and my leftovers from a delicious lunch I made Saturday of macaroni with homemade meat sauce made from ground beef and chorizo. What nerve. I was LIVID this mroning and left an angry note that ended up in the trash can. No one has mentioned it to me. I´m freaking PISSED. Also, there are a lot of bugs here. A LOT. It´s nasty.

– Medieval fair was great fun in Alcalá.

– Spent the past few hours near Sol on the Calle Mayor in Madrid, with American friends, two italian guys and one french guy, the latter 3 who spent quite a long time asking people on the street which was better, italy or france, then arguing over drinks as to the merit of historical figures from their home countries and who “won”. It turns out the bar we were in was Italian themed. He won.

– Really interesting article about the social taboo of discussing abortion in the USA and how the unspoken issue speaks wonders either way in the time of a presidential election. Written by someone living in America but from a Spanish point of view, and I intend to translate it and post it on here. It´s intriguing.

– Drinking Nesquik and eating galletas (cookies) and life is good, though chubby.


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