a funny spring day

so one of my midway through the year resolutions should be to update this thing with more frecuency. and since i´m up to my ears in memoria and don´t want to write anymore of it, i figure now´s as good of a time as any. so what happened today?

– a student called me harry potter since i was wearing my glasses. cheers to you too.

– Sara, one of my 5th graders, told me today that when she grows up she wants to go live in the USA, like I live in Spain. she wants to either be a teacher, like me, or a celebrity veterinarian. not wanting to dash someone´s hopes and dreams, i stifled a giggle and told her they were similar career paths. then she asked what i thought about tennessee, and i realized that in reality she just wants to move to the USA because the Jonas brothers are from there. But either way it was still inspiring for a minute.

– Had coffee with a first grader´s mom. Awkwardsville?

– Got 1€ tapas at a restaurant called… the museo de jamon, which in english translates to the Ham Museum. It´s a restaurant franchise. That is hysterical. Also met up with Kat from orlando which rocked.

– Bought a ticket to ALICANTE with holly and amy, on july 10, the weekend before my bday (july 13). i am SO excited for the sun, but terrified of the bathing suit thing.

– Rolo is leaving in 3 weeks but i am avoiding the subject. We´re gonna go to Barcelona together, I think the last weekend in June. That´s all I want to think about, mmmkay?

– 38 pages in on my memoria. This is turning out to be shockingly easier than I had imagined. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

And that is all, I´m off to bed.


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