russian salad

Today, while I was at the school, in the cafeteria serving some water to the kids (yeah, thats part of my job too) this adorable first grader named Claudia expressed her disdain for a typical Spanish food, Ensaladilla Rusa (roughly translated, Russian Salad, which consists of cooked potatoes and carrots chopped up into tiny bits, peas, tuna and a LOT of mayonnaise. Weird, huh? Anyway it was the first plate for lunch today (the second was fish with tomatoes or something) and this is what transpired:

Claudia: Reichel?

Reichel (that´s how everyone here pronounces my name): Yes, Claudia?

C: Well… are you Russian?

R: Actually, yes, some of my dad´s side of the family came from Russia. Did I ever tell you that?

C: (ignoring my question) Okay, so can you please call them and tell them that I do not like their salad at all and don´t want to eat it?

R: (laughing my ass off for 10 minutes)

It´s moments like that in my day, as well as getting a class of second graders to stand up and make up dance moves and jump around, that makes moments like getting in a fight with my passive-aggressive boss (who I´m pretty sure hates me by now for no reason) seem insignificant. Sigh.

Planning a Cantabrian adventure the first 5 days of August. Where do I get the money from? Not eating, I suppose. I can´t wait to be stateside again.


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