Masters of Travel Disasters

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse…

– Rolando with pneumonia for 5 days in the hospital in Barcelona (June 2009)

Rachel getting pharyngitis and not being able to speak or move in Berlin (May 2009)

Rolando coming down with a 24-hour stomach virus and being stuck in bed the last day in Prague (April 2010)

….I had to get my APPENDIX taken out in BARCELONA!!

Yes, ladies and gentleman, that’s SURGERY on the COSTA BRAVA, May 2010!  And the best part is that I was in the same hotel that Rolando was in just under a year before. Amazing.

During a highly anticipated trip to Barcelona to see the showing of V.I.T.R.I.O.L. (a show that has texts written by our dear friend Miguel Orbaneja), I began to feel stomach pain and developed a fever on Saturday (May 1). After taking some Ibuprofen, it kept coming back. A trip to the ER Saturday night told us that I had a virus, but after I got worse on Sunday, we headed back to the ER instead of the bus station. And within about 5 hours, they were chopping open my poor belly to get to a big stinkin swollen appendix. Gross.

I stayed in the hospital for 2 days, this being the first time I’ve ever gotten surgery done, and sweet Rolando was amazing and helped me with everything. It’s been about two weeks now, and I’ve gotten the staples out (which left cool shark bite looking holes… from the shark.. with the straightest teeth ever…). It was unbearably painful at first, but with time I’ve gotten better and am now scampering around almost like normal. Tomorrow I head back to work for the first time in two weeks, so hopefully no kids decide to punch me in the scar. Owww.

In other news, I received a beautiful surprise visit from JES GAGNON, who brightened up my life with her presence. She came here to celebrate her birthday and see why I am obsessed with Spain, and I hope I gave her a pretty good show even though the first few days she was here I could barely get up out of bed. We managed to see a flamenco show with a drag queen in it, a Chinese restaurant in a murder hole, markets and stores and tapas (oh my) and I just wish I could have kept her here for forever. It reminds me how wonderful life in America still is, and how I probably need to return to its orbit sooner or later.

Bringing me to my next point… next year?! No idea. This year has been frankly too much fun (Dublin, Zaragoza, Jeréz, London, Salamanca, Cuenca, Chinchón, Barcelona, Prague, Milan, Trieste, La Rioja…. why is life so cool?!) and next year is like flying into the wild blue yonder without a parachute. I cannot for the life of me decide if it’s worth staying here another year (or half year) teaching some English, or maybe getting another miscellaneous job, or if I should just give up and scoot on back to the USA and try and begin again from there. I love Madrid, it’s such a fun place to live, but Rolando is also unsure of what is going to happen and that makes my life even more difficult. If anyone could just figure this out for me now, I would really appreciate it.

Also, in breaking news, headed to the beach (FINALLY) in Málaga the first weekend in June, and cannot believe that in the end of May in Madrid I’m still wearing a winter coat.

Ahh, and San Isidro. That was this weekend. The big festival of Madrid, which happened to have one of its epicenters about five blocks from my house, at the Parque de San Isidro. Carnival rides, carnies, donut and bocadillo stands, games, ham raffles, little kids dressed up in fake moustaches… the fun never stops. Also, since Madrid was celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Gran Via (one of the main traffic arteries in Madrid), they cleared the street, put down a big blue carpet and had lots of musical and dance acts all night. Unfortunately, it was too crowded to really see anything, but the thought was nice and we had fun.

Coming up in a future post, I’m planning to write about all of my favoUrite eateries in Madrid to give all of you loyal readers (all one of you, I’m sure) the opportunity to know where is delicious here, so if you come visit, you’ll at least know where I’m taking you in advance. 🙂


One thought on “Masters of Travel Disasters

  1. And if commenting on your blog, as the only method of communication left out from my original post this morning, to tell you how much I miss you is wrong, then I will shoot right in the face with a water cannon and make a quick getaway via lazy river.


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