Far Eastern Escape

It all depends on where you center yourself on the map.

Technically, the farthest east I’ve been is Israel, and I suppose that’s been twice. The Dead Sea, if I had the strength to swim across it, could have taken me to Jordan. And strength wouldn’t have necessarily been required – floating doesn’t take much work.

Now, with a new adventure on the horizon, I have to pinch myself and remind myself what luck – not only that I get to see my sister, who has been two years removed from my life, but that this opportunity is being afforded to me with the help of a pretty special friend. And that advertising industry, exhausted from its relentless poking and prodding of the populace during the whole year, takes a week-long respite between Christmas and New Year’s to give me the time off to make a pretty long journey.

Eighteen days and it’s SAYONARA, SUCKAS!!!!
Any suggestions for the land of the rising sun (other than endless sushi, onsening and trying to eat enough ramen to look like a sumo wrestler by the end of the 2 weeks?)

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