Cheers to 2014… and trying harder!

I spent the last day of 2013 cruising through Los Angeles on my first ever visit there with a dear friend, and the first day of 2014 surrounded by his lovely family on a gorgeous day. It made me realize that I’m truly lucky to have been so many places, seen so many things, and truly silly for not sharing them more often.


I have the tendency to flip back and forth between feeling as though I’m oversharing and want to live in a social media-free cave, and understanding the value in sharing my experiences with the world to be able to connect with those who I love that I’ve met along my journeys in life who are scattered all across the globe.

So I’m choosing the latter.


I’m a huge fan of the app/newsletter NextDraft, whose author, Dave Pell, scours the internet to provide some great reads peppered with pretty hilarious commentary to spice up my free time and causes hours of endless internet surfing. His link to Jason Kottke’s article on Nieman Journalism Lab – The Blog is Dead, Long Live the Blog – has had me thinking whether or not this is a good thing.


Truth be told, I used to follow a lot of blogs as well, but as my attention span has grown shorter and shorter and informational and social content has become more readily available and easily consumable through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, I admit that my personal interest in blogs has waned significantly. But my personal experiment isn’t to gain readers, it’s to become a more keen observer of the world around me, one that I tend to ignore as I wander mechanically through the streets of NYC with my nose buried in the screen of my iphone to find my way around or be a constant participant in my social circles.


Will keeping up with this take up more of my time than it’s worth? Maybe, but perhaps a bit of self-reflection won’t be a horrible thing this year.


So cheers to that. Now let’s talk about something more interesting, shall we?

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