The Art of Making the Best of it

4 AM Revelations: it’s never too late to start, as long as you’re still breathing.

I woke up suddenly this morning – first because my room was overheated and I was rather thirsty, and then because a sudden influx of anxiety attacked me. Did I respond to all of the emails I needed to for work? Did I return all of the phone calls I was due? Pay all of my bills on time? Return the clothes I spent too much on? And then it moved from the practical to the existential: what the hell am I doing? And why am I wasting so much time getting started with life?

In the spirit of the Chinese Year of the Horse, which was rang in on Friday, 1/31/14 (but most notably by my dear friend Tara and I in NYC’s Chinatown over glitter confetti-riddled streets, red bean sweet buns and egg curd steamed dumplings), I feel a renewal on the horizon. I constantly shun my ideas or projects that pop into my idea, dismissing them with the excuse that “I’ll start them later” or “I don’t have enough time to commit to do them right”. If that’s the case, how the hell do I have time to troll Facebook for hours on end to develop excruciating FOMO (that’s “Fear Of Missing Out”, on par with but not to be confused with the “YOLO” movement rampant in my generation), yearning for my friends’ well put together lives, getting a lady travel boner over their great careers or new projects? Or how do I find the spare time to flop about on the couch watching tv shows that I don’t care much about (okay, Shark Tank and GIRLS are pretty excellent but still).

I just read this marvelous article from travel blogger The Wandering Orange (Lauren Metzler): Travel the World for a Living! 12 Travel Bloggers share their secrets (

Are they secrets, really? It seems like the one thing they have in common is that one day, they pressed the “Go!” button and haven’t looked back.

So now we’re off to the races (sans Bacardi chasers, sorry Lana del Rey) with a renewed perspective on pulling triggers and writing about what I want and what I think will inspire you. I have a laundry list to fill you in on – what do I care if my time as a full time American abroad in Spain has concluded? New York City provides the world with inspiration from across the globe every day and here I am breathing its air 365 days a year – I can tell you about where I’ve been along with causing a ruckus about where I’m going.

So I work too many hours (sometimes) and stay up too late (usually) and have blurry visions of the details of last night (frequency qualifier undetermined). I’ll be making the best of this beautiful life moving forward, documenting it just a bit more, and I encourage you to come along for the ride and help me make this a mutually enriching experience.


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