2014: A Retrospect

2014 has flown by in a whirlwind – as many years do, but I think I’ve logged more miles this year than ever before. When I need to check my Outlook calendar to keep up, you know it’s weird.
Some insane things happened this year:
– I ended up being at the Oscars, Latin Billboards, and Tony’s (after party) through my wonderful work.
– I worked more than I ever thought possible, but logged over 30,000 miles of air travel
– Visited California (FOUR TIMES – first time visits to LA and San Francisco, which I am in love with)
– Rendezvous with friends in Chicago, South Carolina and Orlando
– Hopping flights three separate times to South Florida and finally appreciating the glory of being a snow bird in the midst of a polar vortex
– Family quality time in Pittsburgh (twice!) and spending a few days relaxing at Rehoboth Beach for the second year in a row
– First music festival! Roadtripping to Osheaga in Montreal was glorious with a dear friend from Germany, and got to see so many incredible acts (Artic Monkeys, Haim, Portugal the Man, Outkast, Lorde, so many more)
– New Orleans for the second time in my life but got to check out the EPIC Tales of the Cocktail festival. My liver will truly never be the same.
– Ran a half marathon in ATLANTIC CITY!
– Honorable mentions: Houston TX which has an incredible scene, Tucson AZ which is a surreal dreamworld sprinkled with magical saguaro cacti, DC for work.
….I’m rather tired.
2015 is going to be a huge year, though. I’m finally out of my twenties (which I say like it’s something I’ve been waiting for – trust me, IT’S NOT).
I’ve already got an insane trip booked in March/April (Madrid for a reunion/half marathon and India for a yoga retreat), heading to Tennessee/Kentucky in two weeks, and putting together my travel list for 2014. My best friend is also getting married, so there will be many trips to Orlando to celebrate this most amazing time ever.
Really, I’m updating this as an intention to create more content this year and stop being a lazy bones. Hold me accountable, people. 🙂

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