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Packrat ratpack

Packrat ratpack

For as much as I love traveling (and I mean I looooove it – that’s five o’s, for those who are unsure) – packing a suitcase is, essentially, my kryptonite. Anyone who had lived with me or been around me when getting ready for a trip knows that it will be 2 am, the night … Continue reading

Far Eastern Escape

It all depends on where you center yourself on the map. Technically, the farthest east I’ve been is Israel, and I suppose that’s been twice. The Dead Sea, if I had the strength to swim across it, could have taken me to Jordan. And strength wouldn’t have necessarily been required – floating doesn’t take much … Continue reading

Esperando el regreso….

Grad school in Spain, here I come.   This time it´s for 9 months. I fell in love with Spain in Fall 2007, and can’t believe that in just three short weeks, I’m packing up my life and moving to Spain, with a one-way ticket and no plans to come back until at least July … Continue reading