How does one get in touch with me?


SKYPE: rachwass

TWITTER: @rach_the_wass


Also acceptable: Message by carrier pigeon, paper airplane, and note left on car windshield.



  1. Hey Rachel! What’s up!
    I really like your blog. I think that your Spanish is awesome, but in my first comment I prefer to write you in English… but it’s horrible… I KNOW!
    I’m glad your happy here in Madrid… it’s the best city all around the world! ;D! I’m kidding.
    I was in the States last month. First I was in Auburn, AL. in a summer school about Economic Theory at the Auburn University… and it was great!
    After Alabama I was in New York City for 9 days. Unforgettable. I love the US!
    I was born in Madrid but I live in Mostoles, really close than the town center. I’m studying Business Management at Rey Juan Carlos University.
    If you want it, don’t hesitate to contact me!
    Take care.

    P.S. I’m so sorry for my English!


  2. Hey Rachel! What’s going on.
    I found your blog ‘accidentally’! I’m glad you liked my message. Ironically I write you in English and you write me in Spanish… is peculiar!
    I know that you’re living in Alcalá de Henares in this moment but really soon you’ll move to the town centre. It’s great!
    My English is not really good but I love it! and I try to practise always that I’ve the opportunity. My twenty days in the US last month was really helpfull for me in this sense.
    I have messenger and I have Facebook, both are a very good ‘system’ to keep in touch. I’ll add you as a friend, ok? I would like to meet you too.
    You’re welcome Rachel, keep in touch.
    Take care!


  3. Hi Wass! I decided to stalk your blog a little. And tell you how much I miss you! And tell you how freaking cool you are for moving to Spain. Love reading the blog, and I’ve started looking at the pics on Facebook. Glad to see you’re loving it! Loves from your favorite nurse!

    Meg =)


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