All of my photos are on Facebook. When I put up a new album, I´ll post a link here. Newest photos come first.

Amsterdam #2… LET’S GO RIDE BIKES!!
Everything I know about Amsterdam I learned from a Canadian named “Egg”.
Location: Holland

Amsterdam #3: Ineke Time, Red Light District & Anne Frank House

Self explanatory for the most part…. our last day in amsterdam!
Location: Holland

Segovia: Shake-face by the Ancient Roman Aqueduct

Went for a leetle day trip with denielle, megan, and her parents. Hilarity ensued, as did castle watching.

Segovia #2: Why I Love Castles

Sevilla Part #1 (Alcazar & Cathedral)

Sevilla Part #2 (Going out to play and FLAMENCO!)

Sevilla (Part #3: Plaza del Toros & BOTELLON by the guadalquivir)

MADRID (Club Joy Eslava, Politics & Gov Field Trip and MORE!)

What a lovely little town.

Location: Madrid, Spain

Wicked Amounts of Fun in Alcala

I really love this pueblo.

Mommy, where does beer come from? the MAHOU FACTORY, POR SUP!

I don’t know about you, but this is the first university related field trip I think I will ever go on that involved an open bar at the end with endless samples of tapas and beer. Wow.

Location: Fabrica de Mahou – Guadalajara, Spain


Uncategorizable Photos

Heroes del Silencio Concertio

Yeah, I saw a Spanish Rock Concert in Zaragoza and it was INCREDIBLE!!!

Ruta de Castillos #1

Class excursion to check out some castles and an old jail. I always get stuck taking a ton of photos. Enjoy.

Ruta de Castillos #2

Ruta de Castillos #3

Adventures in País Vasco (Basque Country) & France #1:

Long ass bus rides, sneaky hotel visits, incredible scenery, crepes, the GOOG, surfing on itty bitty waves, giant snorebags, gay bars for lunch, and a 4 hour tour de tapas bars… what more can you ask for?!

Location: Bilbao (País Vasco), Biarritz (France) & 4 Hours of San Sebastián

Adventures in País Vasco & France #2:

Adventures in País Vasco & France #3:

JUST San Sebastian:


This one time, Ineke tried to leave us to go to the Canary Islands. She’s since decided to come back, but behold the glorious send-off we gave her….

Day 1: Sushi-fest in Madrid
Day 2: Botellon bonanza in Alcala
Day 3: Barbecue and Nivola
Day 4: Being lazy asses and PANCAKES!

Location: Madrid & Alcala de Henares

El Escorial & La Noche en Blanca:

El Escorial is close to Madrid, and there is a giant royal palace there. Nearly all the Spanish monarchs are buried there as well. La Noche en Blanca was an event that is held all over Europe to celebrate the arts and culture, and all the museums and many other attractions were opened all night (and FREE!), so we stayed in Madrid until… 7AM.


Excursion for class to visit Toledo, the capital of the Visigothic empire in Spain. Insane cathedrals, amazing architecture, delicious food… great times.

HOLY TOLEDO! (again!)

Extreme Usage of Spanish Abono Passes:

An Abono Pass is a pass you can purchase from the tobacco stores around here (I don’t know why) that can be used to ride the buses around Alcala and Madrid, trains to and from Madrid and the entire metro system an unlimited amount for a month. For me, 63 euros a month, but ENDLESS opportunities and loads of fun!

Barbacoas & Various Craziness:

Sometimes we do silly things with friends. Since I live out here in the residencias, I’m able to have social functions, and we seem to keep having barbecues on my balcony. Tons of food, tons of fun. In addition, random photos from the time here.

Paella & Playa: the best of Valencia:

Valencia – a city on the mediterranean coast of Spain, famous for “Las Fallas”, a festival in the Spring where they burn enormous paper mache-like representations of people or things, and Paella, a delicious rice dish where they throw in any kind of meat they can find and let it simmer for a few hours. In this case, it was fish, and it was incredible. Great times in Valencia with the girls from Butler… and am I ever tan now.

Paella & Playa: the best of Valencia (part 2):

Spanish Road Trip to Cádiz, part 1:
In the southern part of Spain, Andalucia, our friend Pedro’s family has a number of houses… you know, for fun. My friends and I drove down in Pedro’s mom’s van (awesome!), and after an 8 hour drive, got to experience the best of Andalucia… you know, nude beaches, eating sandwiches at a gas station, hippies, the Rock of Gibraltar (okay, that’s part of the United Kingdom), and stopping by the Alhambra in Granada. Unforgettable.

Spanish Road Trip to Cádiz, part 2:

First Time in Madrid:

Took a field trip with the class to scope out the city, and just kind of hung around the rest of the day.

Bullfight & Madrid 2.0:

Yes, we went to a bullfight. Yes, it was bloody. And spent the day in Madrid as well, taking in the sights.

Tour of the University, Fairs, Irish Bars, Parades & Free Sangria:

First week here… involved giant fairs, rides, making new Spanish friends, scoping out some bars and pubs, watching giant parades every day and enjoy the free sangria in the streets.

Alcalá de Henares… day 1 and sweet digs:

Scopin’ out the place for the first day. And my house.


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